A Deep Commitment to Sustainability

Occasions Catering is serious about sustainability, and our commitment shows in everything we do. We are always coming up with new ways to reduce our environmental impact and become the greenest caterer in our industry. We are also leading the industry toward adoption of best practices, because there is no benefit to cornering the market on sustainability.

Doing Business Locally

Partnering with local suppliers is one more way Occasions Catering supports the community. Our clients benefit from getting the very best from regional businesses, we reduce environmental impact by minimizing product shipping, and – perhaps most importantly – we focus economic investment dollars right here in Colorado.

Putting Leftovers to Great Use

In partnership with We Don’t Waste, Occasions makes sure that leftovers from the events we cater help feed needy individuals in the community. We donate tens of thousands of servings of delicious and nutritious food annually through We Don’t Waste, and in the process we eliminate waste and save countless dollars for organizations who feed struggling Denver families.

Avoiding the Landfill

Month by month, Occasions reduces the percentage of waste we generate that enters the landfill. Through our comprehensive composting and recycling program, we now divert over two-thirds of waste from the landfill, with a goal of achieving 80% diversion by 2013.